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Rosella Giselle

Charismatic Choreographies by Rosella designs exclusive dance choreography specifically tailored to capture your personality and let you shine on your special day!  


If you're looking for something unique...a little Bachata at your Quinceañera, Hip Hop/Free Style at your Sweet 16, Salsa at your Wedding, or Country at your Private Party, Charismatic Choreographies by Rosella will give your event the creative and memorable touch you, your family and loved ones will cherish forever.

A native of Panama City, Panama this Latin-born Charismatic beauty knows how to "turn up the heat" and add a classy touch when it comes to a party!  From 10 years on the sidelines of the NFL to the frontline of her own dance studio "ShakeItLatinStyle," and #1 Dance Studio winner in "Evenings - Best of Western Washington," this former NFL Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader is a quintuple threat!  A Dancer/Performer, Choreographer, Event Host and CEO of Your Love Angel and La Belleza Del Año, Rosella's many talents are brought to life on and off the dance floor in the events of Charismatic Choreographies by Rosella.

Her gift to you... to make you the star of the night!

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